Our research is enhanced by studies previously conducted in Allan Hills blue ice area (BIA).
Fundamental uncertainties remain in our understanding of natural and human-imposed climate changes, and in the factors controlling climate dynamics over the past several million years.

The Allan Hills are believed to contain ice as old as 2.8 million years (Harvey, 1998; Scherer, 1997) at the ice surface. 2MBIA is a collaborative research project, funded by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs, focused on exploring the climate archive in the Allan Hills BIA.


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Stydy Area
Study Area. The Allan Hills are on the western flank of a portion of the Transantarctic Mountains known as the Convoy Range. The range is a barrier to ice flow that splits the East Antarctic Ice Sheet into the Mackay and Mawson outlet glaciers.

Season one photos
Click on image to view the image gallery from November- December 2009 field season.

Season one photos
Click on image to view image gallery from November 2010 - January 2011 field season.

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