2MBIA is a blue ice coring and trenching project in East Antarctica sponsored by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs.
The project’s primary purpose is to demonstrate the possible recovery of an environmental record as old as 2.5-2.8 million years from the Allan Hills Blue Ice site, located one hour by airplane from U.S. McMurdo Station. With our collections, we hope to generate an absolute timescale for the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area (BIA), and then to reconstruct details of past climate changes and greenhouse gas concentrations for certain time periods back to 2.5 Ma.


2010-2011 Antarctica field season video made by Melissa Rohde

Podcast by Ashley Suitter, December 2011: Societal Implications of Industrial Emissions Preserved in Global Ice Archives.

The Ultimate Classroom: Fieldwork at Allan Hills, Antarctica Provides Lifetime of Learning by Nicole Spaulding, In-Depth, Volume 6 Issue 1, Spring 2011.

OUT OF THE BLUE by Magaret Nagle, UMaine Today, Fall 2010.

EOS image
A NEW PARADIGM FOR ICE CORE DRILLING by M. Twickler et. al., EOS, Vol. 91, No. 39 28 September 2010.

OLD ICE by Peter Rejcek, Antarctic Sun, October 2, 2009.

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