Research Overview

We are a team of scientists and students from the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine as well as other institutions throughout the country. The ice samples that scientists collect from Antarctica, Greenland, and other glaciated areas provide some of the only available pre-instrumental archives of the changing climate. Not only do ice sheets reveal record of past climate, but they also shed light on climate processes such as long-term and short-term patterns, which drive climate change and the timing of climatic events. The information and links on these pages are designed to extend access to cutting-edge climate research to all individuals. It is our hope that through the links on this page, you can explore the science behind our research, communicate with Antarctic scientists, as well as keep updated on the latest from the field!

**This resource was originally designed as part of a senior capstone project being carried out by Eileen Carr, an Ecology and Environmental Science student at the University of Maine. Eileen applied her research on the challenges of communicating climate change, particularly in secondary school settings, to the creation of an open learning resource that puts real-world data sets and models of climate science processes into the hands of teachers, students, and the greater general public.

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